William Bock / Lena Spindler
All your flower photographs 2017

William Bock / Lena Spindler
Ritual I   2017

William Bock / Lena Spindler
Eighteen years, one view 2017



A collaborative exhibition of painting and photography by William Bock and his mother Lena Spindler that explores relationships between memory and time, the painted and the photographic and between life and death.

The exhibition presents a selection of their work from Lena’s oil paintings on wood and William’s responses to her photographs, of which she took thousands throughout her life.

“ After my mum died I began looking through years and years of her photographs on her phone, computer, and photographic albums. I discovered certain recurring subjects, particularly the Irish coastal landscape, her still life compositions and nature. I started to arrange these multiple views and scenes together digitally, one on top of the other, layering her photographs and creating new composite images. Some years ago I joked with her

‘why are you taking another photo of that bloody view?!’

Of course I knew the answer already; the light was always changing and so the view always changed. No two days looked the same. Through this process of layering her images, I am reminded of how she was always looking, noticing and composing images. My mother’s experience of life was filled with a deep appreciation of nature, colour, beauty and the ever changing light” 

William Bock 2017

Proceeds from the sale of
prints were donated by the
artist to St Joseph’s Hospice