Seamus 2022                                                                               photograph William Bock

River Residency


William spent almost a year on an artist residency in County Clare, Ireland, to meet and collaborate with the community living on the Shannon estuary. The residency was commissioned by Ormston House in Limerick and Clare County Council and is one of four residencies situated along the length of the Shannon river (the longest in the British isles).

This area in south east Clare has a rich heritage connected to the river and rooted farming culture but a relationship with estuary that has changed significantly especially over the last 50 years. During the time in Clare, William was interested by how past and present Ireland seemed to overlap at the river banks in a precarious moment in human history. William walked, took boat trips with locals, listening to and recording them and landscape they live in using sound and photography. As this process evolved, the artist proposed creating an experimental short film with the community. This film is currently in post production and will be screening in late August 2022.

William Bock